Letter From The Editor

May / June 2019

Can you feel that?

It’s currently fifty seven degrees out in Oregon.

Time to run around in a tank top, day drinking and smoking blunts, because this might be the last sun we get for months!!!

It’s a little-known fact that Oregon is not, in fact, the most Caucaisan place in the country. In reality, only 7% of Oregon residents are of Western European descent. The truth, however, is that it remains so cloudy and rainy here, that even people of North African heritage are two shades lighter than a Nickelback concert in Salt Lake City. Oregon gets so little real summer weather, vampires are safe to sunbathe here.

On the other hand, it is usually sunny in Saucetown, where people of all shades and skin tones can come together to enjoy humor (both light and dark), pizza and pop culture. We are well into our second volume, with nearly 150 spots that carry our magazine (most of them by choice), and we’d like to thank you, the reader and/or the business owner, for helping to make this happen.

Still, we would like to continue growing. Do you want to bring this ray of disposable sunshine to your head shop, dispensary, college campus, bar, treatment facility, summer camp or bonfire? Go ahead and shoot us an email, subject line "I Want Free Stuff" to [email protected], and let us know what establishment(s) you would like to see Saucetown at, your impression and/or vibe of the people in charge, the amount of free crap that other people are allowed to leave, the address of the establishment and anything else we may need. Cheers!

- Saucy McSauceface, Mayor Of Saucetown

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