Letter From The Editor

March / April 2019

Greetings, fellow residents of (and visitors to) Saucetown. We have a major update to drop, so please put the pizza down for a few seconds and peep game.

We started publishing our magazine in September, with the goal of being a quarterly (as in, four times a year) publication. However, to make a dent during our launch, we opted instead for a monthly format, but with a smaller page count and distribution map. While this has worked to establish ourselves as a consistently dope and reliable publication, budgetary constraints and scale are a real thing, so we needed to choose between printing more often, or having more content per issue. We polled our readers on social media and the results were a fifty-fifty split between quarterly and monthly.

Therefore, we have decided to meet folks halfway and publish Saucetown on a bi-monthly basis, beginning with this issue. A note to current monthly subscribers: you will remain on a monthly, recurring cycle, because PayPal won’t let us bill bi-monthly. So, your plan will not be affected. If you have not yet subscribed, but are planning on it, the link on our current subscription page has been updated— subscriptions are $10.00 bi-monthly (which bills at $5.00 every month) or you can save by going yearly for only $45.00 per year.

Big thanks and mad props to our readers, advertisers and other residents of Saucetown. We feel this is our BEST issue to date, and we have you, the reader, to thank for our inspiration. Now, go ahead and enjoy the first bi-monthly issue of Saucetown, packed to the brim with brand new content, including guest writers, a crossword and much, much more. Ad slots are filling up fast, so be sure to reach out to us at [email protected], or via [email protected]. We’ll work something out with any budget, as long as you’re not paying in cryptocurrency (but, we do take donations.

- Saucy McSauceface, Mayor Of Saucetown

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